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Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 21:16:02 +0000

Ha!  Smokey Yunick made a career of "getting away with something" so you're in 
good company.  

Dan, speaking of first times, mine was in a Formula Vee, in the rain at Sears 
Point (now Infineon).  I was the only open cockpit car amongst all the "tin 
tops" and did I get soaked...but loved every minute of it.  I called my wife 
during the lunch break and told her I wasn't coming home as I was having too 
much fun.  That was eight years ago and she still can't get me to wipe this 
smile off my face.


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> I've been racing for most of my life and I still feel like I'm getting away 
> with something. 
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> Congratulations! I still remember my first drivers school / race. I kept 
> thinking "I should get in trouble for driving this fast". That feeling of 
> exhilaration doesn't go away. A good side by side battle makes a life-long 
> memory to be treasured. 
> - Tony 
> At 08:45 PM 3/20/2005, wrote: 
> >Bought a TR-4 Vintage Race and went to RMVR's driver school this weekend. 
> >Major hoot. I think the hook is sunk deep. Finished 6th overall in 
> >graduation race. Wheeeee..... 

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