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First Time

Subject: First Time
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 20:27:27 EST
Man to Man  Machine to Machine...interesting stuff.

Last fall, we sat on the deck of Atlanta's  Downwind Restaurant while a Air 
Force General (ret.) described a night carrier landing.  He said it was like 
having an orgasm and bowel movement simulataneously.

(Check Bill Dentinger's Nomex...I think he has this peak experience everytime 
he sees the green flag drop)

Joe (A)

Congratulations!  I still remember my first drivers school / race.  I kept 

> thinking "I should get in trouble for driving this fast".  That feeling of 
> exhilaration doesn't go away.  A good side by side battle makes a life-long 
> memory to be treasured.
> - Tony

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