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RE: More on the decal production

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Subject: RE: More on the decal production
From: "Joe Curry" <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 08:10:59 -0700
I regret to say that I made a typographical error in the previous
message.  The fact is that the additional smaller decals are not 3 3/4 
wide but rather 2 >.  That is 1 inch smaller than the large quantity
that I had printed up.  Everything else I said applies.

I hope this has not caused anyone any trouble.

Sorry for the error (but some of you are aware of my limited typing
skills)  :-)

Joe Curry

-------------- Original message --------------

> In running off the decals I have mentioned in the past few weeks, I
> also decided to use what might otherwise be waste to produce some
> smaller sticky-back decals. The image area is about 3-3/4" wide by
> over 2" high. While the 400 I ran off in the 3-3/4" wide size have
> cut around the perimeter of the image, these smaller ones are too
> to do that practically and are therefore surrounded by a white
> rectangular background with rounded corners.
> At any rate, I have 52 of these decals available for $2.50 each while
> the supply lasts. Anyone already sending in orders for the other sizes

> can simply add that to the order. If the weight of the shipment makes
> it exceed the postage that was calculated in my previous message, I
> pick up the overage cost.
> Regards,
> Joe Curry

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