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Re: TR-6 Rear Sway-Bar

Subject: Re: TR-6 Rear Sway-Bar
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 17:05:22 EDT
I read your post with interest as I have experienced similar issues with  
turn-in or understeer. Taking into account that I am not a chassis engineer -  
just a novice really - but I have tried a number of bar combinations. (Now you  
must remember that my racer is a TR250 with the six so weight and its  
distribution are just two diefferences in our cars.
My current setup is a 1 1/16 front bar - Thanks George! - and no rear bar.  
With Hoosiers the turn-in is very good with manageable transition to  
understeer at the limit. I run very stiff rear springs and the fronts are as 
recommends in the comp. manual.
I have never found the car to be stable on the track with a rear sway bar.  I 
have tried one with three different front bars and have varied the  
engagement on the rear bar as well. I could never keep the tail in line.  
Depending on 
the set up, it would just feel squirrely up to completely  undriveable. I am 
believer in the lone front bar and will next try a 1 1/8  diameter.
My two cents
Leo Oddi (Oddi-wan to Don M)
#68 SVRA and VDCA

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