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Re: Mid Ohio Report

To: "Jeff Snook" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Mid Ohio Report
From: Henry Frye <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 22:37:12 -0400
Holy cow, talk about low numbers.

A quick peruse of the results on the SVRA website shows at Mid Ohio last 
weekend they had only 152 cars take the green flag in their Sprint race. 
Group 1, where Spits usually run, had 24 cars start. Group 3, where the 4 
cylinder TR's generally run, had 16 cars.  Those groups used to have 50 
plus each.

It looks like the Healey Challenge guys sat out the Group 3 race, no idea 
why, but that had some impact on the Group 3 number.

I do find it interesting that Jeff's meeting was only attended by Group 1 
and 3 people. Jeff, do you know if any other meetings were held with the 
big bore guys?

I am glad Jeff's meeting went well, and I hope the M-O staff keep 
listening. From what I heard and saw at Road Atlanta, it is obvious the 
SVRA staff is well aware that we racers are the customer and they are doing 
everything they can to keep us happy.

I have to say I am surprised at M-O, with all this scuttlebutt about how 
poorly they treat racers, they have a lot of gall charging $75 for the 
privilege of parking an RV without any services whatsoever.

At 11:23 AM 06/30/2005 -0400, Jeff Snook wrote:
>Hey all,
>Had a good meeting with Mid Ohio President, Michelle Truman, and her Vice
>President, Dennis Rhee.  Sitting in on the meeting were MG racers Don Munoz,
>Jerry Richards and Les Gonda, Turner racer Keith Burnett, and SVRA Competition
>Director, Carl Jensen.

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