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"yellow yankee"... haven't heard that term since the War of Northern
Agression.  I'm guessing Henry.  

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Very cool, and congratulations Jeff.  

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Thanks for the kind words Bob. I will do what I can to help promote next
year's event.

On another note, I am not one to give things away (okay, maybe I am) but
of our illustrious FOT members will have his car on the cover of our
issue of Classic Motorsports. Shot at Road Atlanta, the story by Bert
is a look at the classic battle between MG and Triumph.

First guy to guess who it is, gets a T shirt. One hint and not a real
one, as this descibes most of us... this yellow yankee can be a pain in
butt sometimes.

As always, go to our website get this issue as a FREE sample if you
know the magazine, blah, blah blah!

Tim Suddard
Publisher, Grassroots Motorsports/Classic Motorsports www. Phone (386)
Fax (386) 673-6040

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> The news is that the CVAR Board has discussed our proposal for having 
> an FOT get together at the Spring Hallet event, the weekend of April 
> 1-2, 2006, and agreed whole-heartedly to our plans. They want to get 
> the definite
> up from us before October so they can advertise over the winter. We'll

> need
> name for our she-bang, "FOT April Fools" may be too easy. This is the 
> same request we received from our "fine print guy"  Tim so that he can

> get things lined out for those 2 wonderful magazines of his (fact, not

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