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Re: Hurrican Katrina Challenge -- NOT gas price whining!

To: "michael cook" <>, "SueKahlerTR"
Subject: Re: Hurrican Katrina Challenge -- NOT gas price whining!
From: Ernest Husmann <>
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2005 20:43:37 -0500
Getting the same message here in southeast Wisconsin, send money not supplies.

Not wanting to upset anyone with driving on expensive gas and saving on a 
stamp, I did an Internet search and found Yahoo has provided the Red Cross 
with a dedicated site for Hurricane Katrina relief donations; much quicker 
than when I attempted to donate last night.

Nice that Brad's employer is matching funds.

You are far too sweet to really piss someone off.

Ernest Husmann

At 08:11 PM 9/1/2005, michael cook wrote:
>Hey, stay on the soapbox. You look good up there! And you're right!
>Just a note to say that the authorities and the red Cross are saying "Don't
>send stuff - send money." They aren't set up to handle physical donations but
>cash will buy what is needed.
>My check to the Red Cross is on its way. I drove it to the Post Office on
>$2.81 gas purchased on Sunday so I haven't felt the full effect of the
>increase yet!
>Mike Cook
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>From: Susan Kahler
>Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 8:59 PM
>Subject: Hurrican Katrina Challenge -- NOT gas price whining!
>Hey everyone,
>At the risk of pissing some of you off, I'm gonna go ahead and say it
>anyway.  I am really disappointed about the response to the two posts
>about the hurricane situation.  I am asking you guys to quit whining
>about how much gas costs now and how much it's gonna cost later and DO
>SOMETHING FOR THESE PEOPLE!  There are THOUSANDS of people who have
>NOTHING.  N-O-T-H-I-N-G!  Not even a wallet, a change of underwear, or
>the basics we all take for granted -- FOOD AND WATER!

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