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Re: Replacing the front brake rubbers

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Subject: Re: Replacing the front brake rubbers
From: "BOB KRAMER" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 2005 21:41:16 -0500
I think that we can generalize and say that most all the parts available 
these days off the shelf suck. I'm replacing the clutch in my wife's daily 
driver TR6 because the new throwout bearing carrier I purchased and mounted 
with a Toyo bearing couldn't take the wear from the hardened steel locating 
pins on the new fork.  I put new parts in just so I wouldn't have to revisit 
the job. The pins wore notches into the slot on the carrier. I'm a little 
more than peeved.
Bob Kramer
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Subject: Re: Replacing the front brake rubbers

> Yes, you're darned right. The last two times I overhauled calipers I had 
> exactly the same problem. I'm convinced that something changed -- 
> the mold, the compound, something. Fortunately I was doing the work on 
> race cars and not street cars, so I just left that darned dust cover off, 
> rationalizing that on a race car these things are taken apartr rather 
> frequently, etc etc, but I pointed out to the owner what I had done. I, 
> too, spent several hours on it with no luck.
> At 07:12 PM 9/7/2005, Larry Young wrote:
>>I'm late on this thread, but I just spent an awful day and a half 
>>rebuilding brake calipers.  I've done this on a regular basis since I 
>>started racing, so I do have some experience.  I've always found a set of 
>>picks to be useful for pulling the dust shield up around the piston.
>>This time it was not working, so I decided to try this great idea.  I went 
>>to the parts store and bought a short piece of 2 1/8 inch ID exhaust pipe. 
>>Still no success.  After 4 hours and no dust shield installed, I gave up. 
>>Decided to install without dust shields.  I still had trouble getting the 
>>pistons past the seals, even with brake fluid lubrication.  Finally, 
>>everything done, but one caliper leaks.  To make a long story longer, I'm 
>>convinced the rubber was either too small to start with or it had shrunk. 
>>You can't get the piston past the rubber if it is not pressed against the 
>>sides.  The leak occured because the edge of the seal was sheared off when 
>>I pressed the piston in. I can't remember where or when I bought this 
>>caliper kit.  I think it may have been from Victory British 2 or 3 years 
>>ago.  It's labeled Beck-Arnley and also "Made in UK".  Has anyone else 
>>experienced this problem?
>>Larry Young
>>Jack W. Drews wrote:
>>>Very clever!
>>>At 08:56 AM 7/28/2005, wrote:
>>>>I made a little tool:
>>>>I found a tube about 56mm in diameter, shortend it to 1/2" and pushed 
>>>>the tube into the rubber gasket so that only the outside lip is on the 
>>>>tube. Now it is easy to fit the inner side of the rubber to the caliper. 
>>>>After that just put in the the piston, that is easy done by hand. Now 
>>>>remove the tube, push the outer part into the groove - that's it.
>>>>Done in 5 minutes/rubber. 

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