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RE: Group 44 Gt6 - For Sale - Buyer Be Very Beware

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Subject: RE: Group 44 Gt6 - For Sale - Buyer Be Very Beware
From: "Joe Curry" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 08:16:31 -0700
Cary Perket tells me that it was common practice on the Group 44 cars to
remove all the serial plates (at least for the Spits we have talked
about).  That would make me wonder if that is indeed the case, why would
it have said plate attached.  Perhaps another reason to question its

Joe C.

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Subject: Re: Group 44 Gt6 - For Sale - Buyer Be Very Beware

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   I also looked at this car. Based on talking to the owner and a couple

the previous owners ,it very well could be the car. However, I could not
find one shred of evidence that would document it....

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    I could not resist the opportunity to investigate a Group 44 Gt6...

    If anyone is seriously pursuing this car, I would warn them that it
is pretty difficult for this particular car to be the actual Group 44
team's race car for 1969. The shell has a manufactured date of July 

I was intrigued by the "manufactured date of July 1969" statement. 
Presumably that was taken from a commission number plate? If so, did 
anyone note the commission number itself, or possibly a body number? 
Seems to me that such a date would indicate one of the very last of the 
1969 model GT6s. I suppose it might even be one of the very first 1970 
models, but I don't know. I own a very, very early 1970 model, 
KC75121L, with an "Aug. 1969" date on the commission plate (which, btw, 
was on the "B" post in 1970 rather than on the LH side of the "scuttle" 
as in the 1969 models).

Are there pictures to be seen of this particular car in question? If 
so, does it appear to be in 1969 or 1970 model year trim? The former 
would likely have had, as original, a body color windshield surround, 
while the 1970 would have the matte black surround. (Offhand I can't 
remember if original Group 44 cars at the time "preserved" the side 
reflectors or marker lamps, respectively, for those years.) Of course, 
I realize that the chance that any such car has survived as originally 
built without any subsequent repainting or body panel replacement, 
etc., etc., so those details might be a moot point now. ;-)

--Andy  Mace

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