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Musings on Team.Net, life, the universe...

Subject: Musings on Team.Net, life, the universe...
From: "Mark J. Bradakis" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 17:34:37 -0600
Gee, the Weber venturis were just purchased by a member of this list,
cool!  Of course, the item I just listed will, if things go my way,
allow me to retire comfortably with no more financial worries for
decades to come.  Then again, I may be mistaken on the market potential
for a left hand front wheel cylinder for Triumph Herald drum brakes ;-)

Anyway, back to Team.Net.  I have been wondering lately about what I could
do to actually get paid for the work I put into the lists, web pages and
such.  What sort of value can I provide that would get, say, 5,000 around
the globe to spend a dollar or two a month for access to it?

The fund drives in April or October are nice, and bring in a few bucks to
keep the lights on and the bits flowing, that's nice.  By the way, if you
haven't been tapped out by hurricane relief begging (with more to come, it
seems) you could always use Paypal to send a buck or two to the address, I won't complain.

But what sort of services would you like to see that would be worth, say,
$12.95 a year to you?  Maybe a searchable used and new parts database?
Race track maps, hot lap videos, lap times over the years?  Ebay came on
line a few years AFTER my Team.Net autojumble list - too bad I didn't
know then what I know now!

In truth a handful of friends and folks who've eaten some of my cooking
think I should blow off computer stuff and make a living from my skills
as a chef.  Could be fun, but the $1.43 I have in my life saving won't
cover too much of the startup costs.

Anyway, sorry for rambling on about this stuff, hope you don't mind
too much!


ps:  Still don't know about track rental specifics for next season at
     Miller Motorsports Park, so can't say one way or the other about
     an IVR race next summer.  We shall see.

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