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Re: Musings on Team.Net, life, the universe...

To: "Mark J. Bradakis" <>
Subject: Re: Musings on Team.Net, life, the universe...
From: Chuck Arnold <>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 11:07:58 -0700
Put me down for dues -- and I am sending a paypal donation today to get 
it started.

Mark J. Bradakis wrote:

>Gee, the Weber venturis were just purchased by a member of this list,
>cool!  Of course, the item I just listed will, if things go my way,
>allow me to retire comfortably with no more financial worries for
>decades to come.  Then again, I may be mistaken on the market potential
>for a left hand front wheel cylinder for Triumph Herald drum brakes ;-)
>Anyway, back to Team.Net.  I have been wondering lately about what I could
>do to actually get paid for the work I put into the lists, web pages and
>such.  What sort of value can I provide that would get, say, 5,000 around
>the globe to spend a dollar or two a month for access to it?
>The fund drives in April or October are nice, and bring in a few bucks to
>keep the lights on and the bits flowing, that's nice.  By the way, if you
>haven't been tapped out by hurricane relief begging (with more to come, it
>seems) you could always use Paypal to send a buck or two to the
> address, I won't complain.
>But what sort of services would you like to see that would be worth, say,
>$12.95 a year to you?  Maybe a searchable used and new parts database?
>Race track maps, hot lap videos, lap times over the years?  Ebay came on
>line a few years AFTER my Team.Net autojumble list - too bad I didn't
>know then what I know now!
>In truth a handful of friends and folks who've eaten some of my cooking
>think I should blow off computer stuff and make a living from my skills
>as a chef.  Could be fun, but the $1.43 I have in my life saving won't
>cover too much of the startup costs.
>Anyway, sorry for rambling on about this stuff, hope you don't mind
>too much!
>ps:  Still don't know about track rental specifics for next season at
>     Miller Motorsports Park, so can't say one way or the other about
>     an IVR race next summer.  We shall see.

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