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PRI Hot engine and distributor request

To:, fot <>
Subject: PRI Hot engine and distributor request
From: Chuck Arnold <>
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2005 09:39:37 -0700
If you truly want the best performance, ditch the dizzy entirely.  I use 
an Electromotive crank fired ignition.  This is on a TR6.  The kit 
provides three coils, a trigger wheel that attaches to the back of the 
damper on the crankshaft and a sender that reads the notches on this 
wheel.  You can electronically control the advance at 1000 rpm, 3000 rpm 
and 8000.  The third one can be a retard if needed.  Advance is pretty 
linear between settings.  The ignition fires on each cylinder at each 
stroke [exhaust and compression].  I run 12:1.  Car starts every time, 
runs smoothly and is rock steady.  Pictures upon request.  Cost was 
about $600 for the kit and 200 to get the trigger wheel machined to fit 
the damper [too high a cost].  I now see the unit itself sells for under 
$200, so there has been a huge cost reduction.  Since you ar en ot after 
a vintage look, I would highly recommend this option over any electronic 
version of dizzy. 

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