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RE: Mileage myth ?

To: <>
Subject: RE: Mileage myth ?
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Sun, 9 Oct 2005 09:31:50 -0700
>   Group, one late night (insomnia) I happened to hear on the radio a guy
> talking up this acetone tale.  Any of you ever heard of this?

No, but it sure sounds like a mixture of snake oil, wishful thinking and plain
old BS to me.

It's supposed to achieve "more complete combustion", but as we all know, car
engines already achieve extremely complete combustion ... incomplete combustion
is what produces CO in the tailpipe and modern cars produce very little CO.
Even our dirty old Triumphs only produce 5% CO, and since even CO is still
partial combustion, eliminating all of that 5% (which IMO is impossible) would
still only extract 1 or 2 % more heat from the fuel.

Also, if it is really going to aid fuel vaporization that much ... why wouldn't
the fuel vaporize in the tank ?

Sounds like the latest version of the "300 mpg" carburetor to me.


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