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Car Classification -.... and RULES

Subject: Car Classification -.... and RULES
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 10:29:28 EST
In a message dated 12/2/2005 8:08:44 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

I  personally believe that it is important 
for FOT itself to encourage that  cars be prepared to the appropriate SCCA 
specification of its original  racing era. I am therefore am actually 
supportive of 
CVRA efforts to keep  racing both historically correct and affordable.

OK, here's my plan. Get rid of the webers, wazoo ignitions, jap gearboxes  & 
brakes, fiberglass, etc. Castings should have "Stanpart" on them. Require  
carburettor & ignition system type as original. Bodywork & suspension  specs as 
per period GCR/PCS. Spec DOT tires. Limit engine bore size. Establish  & 
enforce minimum weight rules. Safety related mods including Southwick  (Uncle 
RAX & front hubs, aftermarket brake masters, upgraded  electrics, etc all OK, 
actually encouraged. Component upgrades within model  range OK. Allow modern 
roll bar/cage design for safety reasons (no quasi tube  frames). Wheel 
diameter as original, rim width open but must meet bodywork rules  ie "no part 
of the 
tire shall be visible when viewed from above, bla, bla...).  Modern seat, 
drivers gear, fire suppression system & other safety related  equipment 
These are just a few points worth considering but they do make a  difference. 
SCCA has proven that these rules DO work but we've also seen what  happens 
when those rules become too relaxed. THAT is one of the things that  killed 
Production racing. For the cost of preparing & maintaining a  competitive 
Prod car, one could buy a Ford or FC. It's ironic that they're  trying to get 
back again with the limited prep class.
I have to admit that, as much as I hate rules in general, I have to agree  
that something really needs to be done. I also support those groups that are  
JMHO of course,
Safety FasTR,
(now CERTAINLY the most unpopular person on the FOT  list...)

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