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Subject: Re: Starters
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Thu, 05 Jan 2006 08:28:47 -0600
It's time for Ted Schumacher to chime in here, but I'll tell you my experience.

I purchased one from Ted and it lasted just fine for six years. Then 
one time when I drained the block, I filled the starter with water 
and the starter, predictably, got sick and died. (Since then, I put a 
piece of Saran wrap over the starter when I drain the block).

Then I bought one from somebody on the east coast who sells them for 
a few less dollars. It lasted a couple of weekends, as did an 
identical unit I put in a customer's car (and a couple more that we 
have assisted with at the track -- Alan Washatko is one, I think). 
The failure mode was that the little wires that connect to the coil 
inside the solenoid broke. What I was told at the time was that those 
starters were being made from Denso starters that were rebuilt in 
Japan, and that the press used by that company to secure the solenoid 
coil was of insufficient tonnage, allowing the coil to move and 
eventually the wires to break.

I replaced my errant starters with ones made by Ted and have had no 
more problems for three years.

Ted supplies the starters to some of the major parts houses, so he 
can give more info but I thought you might be interested in a user's comments.

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