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Front Suspension

Subject: Front Suspension
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 12:08:46 EST
Dear FOT,

Dan Styduhar, who has been helping me with my TR-3 for the last three years, 
sent me the following email.  Does anyone have any opinions on doing this -- 
advantages or disadvantages?  I am still using the old style steering with big 
steering wheel (not the rack and pinion setup).  Sometimes, you can engineer 
yourself into a slower stage.

<<Hi Bill

While you are straightening out the rear 
axle/suspension I would like to rebuild 
the front suspension as I had indicated 
in an earlier email I sent you. I have 
done this on my TR3 rolling chassis project.

You have the TR4 A-arms on the frame out in
the backyard. All you have to buy are the TR4
upper ball joints and the 3 degree trunions.

This will give you just a wee bit of caster
and should improve the steering.

Let me know what you think?>>

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