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Hallett FoT Funding

Subject: Hallett FoT Funding
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 09:05:05 EST
Joe, I've been long on talk and short on bucks a couple of times now. I'll
contribute the beer for one night, though I can't be there. I'll paypal you
the money tonight.  

Bill Babcock
Babcock &Jenkins

Thank you Bill!   I have also had offers from some of our small British 
restoration and repair shops, although they would gain no particular benefit. I 
stalled them off a bit, but think we should put something together to recognize 
these contributions while at the event.

FoTx Members have been very generous and they are our hosts, too.
We have have an offshore offer from the UK-TR4 Tony
Babcock & Jenkins is now in the mix.
PA's Triumph Rescue is insistent on sending something.

Tim Suddard (GRM) and Kelvin Dodd (Moss) are the contribution leaders as of 
yesterday. They are doing this for more of a personal standpoint than for 
commercial reasons.  I like that. Thanks Kelvin & Tim!!

I am not forgetting the guys who sent money in for FoT Decals.
I am also not forgetting the two guys who sent $50 & $100 and said to keep 
the decals...the usual Milwaukee and Chicago area Business Types

I notice that I have an incoming message from Steve Smith (Las Vegas) I 
wonder what he wants? Thanks and more later........


Joe Alexander   :-)

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