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Nice day, upcoming event

Subject: Nice day, upcoming event
From: "Mark J. Bradakis" <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 21:35:09 -0700
I had a pleasant, for the most part, day today.  I'm not used to
getting up before 7 am, though, yuck.  Anyway, a local racer friend
of mine and two Utah Highway patrol officers spent most of the day
driving around central Utah, in the area of Delta and Milford.  And
we found what we were looking for.

This is actually related to the opening season of the new racetrack
here in Utah.  The weekend of August 3-5 there is an HSR event scheduled
for the new track. [ ]  And a few
days before that will be something called Utah Fast Pass.  This event is
modeled after the Colorado Grand or the Copper State Classic and will be
a three day tour of Utah.  The track is hoping to attract some high roller
types, entry fee on the order of 4 - 5 thousand.  Leaves me out!  Besides,
a lowly Spitfire isn't the sort of thing they are aiming for.  Dust off
that Ferarri Super America or that Aston Zagato...

A rough draft of the entry guidelines can be perused at

Don't see many Triumphs on that list.  Actually the cars will be driven for
3 days over public highways, so all out race cars might not be allowed in.
But for borderline rides, there will be temporary road tags of some sort

Anyway, on the third day of the tour, the leg from St. George back to
the race track will include a high speed, open road run.  We got about
a 15 mile stretch of desolate highway picked out today which should
have a useable staging area, not too technical stretch to give her
some Wellie, a few miles to cool down and a place at the end for these
guys to change their shorts.  Could be a fun event!

One minor problem is that I'm getting fairly involved in setting up the road
events and it might pose some time constraints regarding my participation in
the 2006 VTR convention, which is the weekend before.  We'll see how the
summer goes.


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