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OT: Hotweels - Ford Anglia 105E

Subject: OT: Hotweels - Ford Anglia 105E
From: Dave Riddle <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 21:41:40 -0700
I just got back from a run to the grocery store and as is my "habit" 
when passing by the Hotwheels display (Target, Walmart, etc...) I 
have to check to see if any new cars have been released of the type 
that I collect ("real" race cars - and primarily open wheel cars at 
that) - which is not very often.  For the past year the selection has 
been non-existent.  Well this evening I was blown away at the real 
odd ball stuff they had.  Including a Ford Anglia 105E with race 
decals done up in flat black and primer gray!

Two other really odd choices they had to select from were: Alfa 
Romero B.A.T. and a Talbot Lago.  Can't imagine that there are that 
many people looking though a Hotwheels display that would even know 
what those cars are.  Of course with as odd and sculpted as those 
cars are I had to get them too even though they don't fit within the 
restricted parameters of what I normally look for.  Also, I DO NOT 
leave the cars in the box - that is stupid.  I put them out on my 
book shelves lined up like at LeMans in front of my books (+1,500 
volume) in the library to be looked at, picked up and enjoyed.

My wife does hate to dust in here however. HeHe...

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