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good bad or in different

To: "FOT" <>
Subject: good bad or in different
From: "rob" <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 19:39:42 -0500
I wanted my  radiator flushed and checked also a   fix on the over flow tube
$48.50 no problem     But they painted my Nice  unpainted  4 row copper
radiator  Its been in the house for 2 days resting on a radiator and has not

 Am I going to loose cooling  efficancy and does this paint cure at higher
temp.      I remember solar  water collectors are greatly efected  buy the use
of paint   color  etc.   I am not sure what to do about this ! but would like
to move this issue  to the backburnner done list.
 Buy the way thanks to all with the recent help on theOD I have made the
desison to go with an A type and a CR box  If its to close I'll be able to
move the OD unit to  stock 4 speed         rob

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