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Optional bits for TR6

Subject: Optional bits for TR6
From: Sean Green <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 16:38:14 -0800
First time caller, long time listener...

Can anyone tell me if the TR6 was ever sold (from the dealer) without 
the soft top and only the hard top? I ask this question because I race 
my car under SCCA autocross rules (Solo 2, F Street Prepared) and would 
like to know if I can remove all of the soft top parts if I have the 
factory hard top (which I do) even if I don't have said hardtop on the 
car during competition. There is a club sport version of the Miata 
(sorry to those with delicate sensibilities, I know I shouldn't mention 
that name here) that was available with only the hard top and that 
allows all Miata (sorry again!) drivers to remove their soft tops per 
the Street Prepared "update/backdate" clause. If there was a similar 
option for the TR6, does anyone know of any actual documentation 
available that could prove this? I've never been protested in impound 
and would like to be able to back up any modification/removal of items 
on the car.

Mostly I'm curious about this because I'd rather spend the money on 
making my car faster, than having to cough up a couple of hundred 
dollars to replace all of the bows and mechanical bits associated with 
my broken soft top. I don't even know if there are replacement parts for 
my top.


Sean Green
'71 Triumph TR6
71 FSP

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