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Re: Optional bits for TR6

To: Mike Munson <>
Subject: Re: Optional bits for TR6
From: Sean Green <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 13:40:37 -0800
Thanks Mike,

Good point, I agree that it would be a nasty thing to have in place 
during a rollover. Even worse since I currently don't have a roll cage. 
The hard top would solve that. I may install it and leave it in place, 
but I do enjoy top down racing.

Sigh, can't eat your cake and have it too, I suppose.


>Years ago I ran several tr6s in DSP in pro solo, divisional and regionals.
>I was told by a safety inspector to remove the bow because it could be
>dangerous in case the car rolled over. I never ran one again. At that time
>in SP it was legal to remove the top and bow. 
>BTW. I ran some solos with the hard top installed and found that it
>stiffened the chassis and made it handle better.
>First time caller, long time listener...
>Can anyone tell me if the TR6 was ever sold (from the dealer) without 
>the soft top and only the hard top? I ask this question because I race 
>my car under SCCA autocross rules (Solo 2, F Street Prepared) and would 
>like to know if I can remove all of the soft top parts if I have the 
>factory hard top (which I do) even if I don't have said hardtop on the 
>car during competition. There is a club sport version of the Miata 
>(sorry to those with delicate sensibilities, I know I shouldn't mention 
>that name here) that was available with only the hard top and that 
>allows all Miata (sorry again!) drivers to remove their soft tops per 
>the Street Prepared "update/backdate" clause. If there was a similar 
>option for the TR6, does anyone know of any actual documentation 
>available that could prove this? I've never been protested in impound 
>and would like to be able to back up any modification/removal of items 
>on the car.
>Mostly I'm curious about this because I'd rather spend the money on 
>making my car faster, than having to cough up a couple of hundred 
>dollars to replace all of the bows and mechanical bits associated with 
>my broken soft top. I don't even know if there are replacement parts for 
>my top.
>Sean Green
>'71 Triumph TR6
>71 FSP
>71 FSPL

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