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Amphicar at auction - Barrett-Jackson 2006

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Subject: Amphicar at auction - Barrett-Jackson 2006
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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 21:06:54 -0500
Here's the write-up on the vehicle.

It is item #423 at the auction:
Welcome aboard! Take a boat ride in your car. Cruise on land
and cruise in the water. This FJORD Green Amphicar is one
of only 3878 built and 1 of only 350 known to survive in the world.
It recently underwent a complete rotisserie restoration of every
single component on the car It runs, drives and swims
perfectly with no leaks. Features water tight doors, bilge pump,
navigation lights, swimming step, anchor, paddle, spare tire, jack,
spacious luggage compartment. 4 speed synchronized transmission,
forward/reverse water transmission. A complete photo record of
restoration and manuals. Restored by TBIRDSQUARE (dot com)
also includes digital depth sounder with water speedometer and
original AM/FM shortwave radio.
---------end of write-up--------

he listing info and write-up doesn't give the owner names.

Bill Sohl

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    Two TR-6s were sold at the ongoing Barrett-Jackson auction.

    1974 TR6 - $23,220
    1976 TR6 - $11,340

    There has also been an Amphicar that went for $124,000
    YES, that's over $100K
    The amphicar uses a Triumph Herald engine.

    Bill Sohl
  Was that Amphicar Brad and Sue's from the Colorado trip?

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