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Triumph Rescue & Other Discoveries

Subject: Triumph Rescue & Other Discoveries
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2006 21:16:31 EST
This is  Year Seven of the Triumph Senior Tours by Jack & Joe:

Uncle Jack and I broke loose from our frozen moorings in the Plains, of iowa 
and Illinois, and headed I-80 East to Pennsylania. Great Trip. Another fine 
Senior Tour by The Jack & Joe Show.  We stayed one night in the Big Johnson 
Motel in Toledo, but managed to raise the bar in Bally/Boyertown, PA area.

En route lunch location was by Ted Liberti of State College, PA in beautiful 
Bellefonte.  This was a great lunch and Bellefonte is on the "return to" list 
of places to visit.

We delivered a very fine TR6 roller to Bakes, Dewar, and Krout of Triumph 
Rescue. The Triumph Rescue Tour was worth the trip, alone. About (8) Work In 
Process TR restos were neatly arrayed.  

TR Rescue also makes a fine replication of the TR3A aftermarket radio and 
speaker bracket, along with the TR4 radio bracket. Both are in a brilliant 
coated wrinkle finish. I got one of the TR3A radio brackets for my TR3A...Now 
I need to buy back the TR radio I sold.

Thank you, Matt, for dinner and hospitality.  

TRIUMPH RESCUE   -    I love the name.

Joe (A)

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