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Re: Could be TR-8 Powered Chainsaw

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Subject: Re: Could be TR-8 Powered Chainsaw
From: "Kas Kastner" <>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2006 14:18:23 -0800
He could well be correct.  All you can know about that deal, unless you were
at the table, is WHAT PEOPLE TELL YOU. People that you respect and believe are
in the know. Frankly I can't see Rover spending anymore than $5 on this as
they were already in a world of hurt and were the one of  first of the group
that became B/L. Probably Spen King (good guy) who was the Chief Engineer
could straighten this out in a hurry. Spen then went on to be the Chief at
Triumph. I like my story better. But, being an old man, I can only wish for
better days to your friend.
Never Be beaten by Equipment
Kas Kastner

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