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North Atlantic Road Racing Chamionship (NARRC)

Subject: North Atlantic Road Racing Chamionship (NARRC)
From: "Joe Boruch" <>
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 03:12:05 GMT
I was looking around on the SCCA Production Car Forums and noticed that the
car that beat me for the EP NARRC championship (I was 2nd) is up for sale.
When I think about the money that it took to beat a little old Triumph TR3A I
don't feel so bad.  For the championship race he was on the poll and I was
next to him.  He out qualified me by 0.22 sec.  It rained for the race and I
never had a chance against front wheel drive.   Below is the description of
the car.  Joe(B)
1991 Acura Integra EP #45

Overall description: 2005 NARRC EP champion car built without any regard to
budget. This car originally was built by Comptech to run in the IMSAs Luk
Clutch Challenge in the 90s. It was the sister car to Parker Johnstones
which Comptech owner Doug Peterson drove. It has an amazing pedigree and would
be owning a piece of Honda racing history. This is one of the first D/A tubs
ever produced. At the time when these cars were built, Comptech put an
incredible amount of effort to insure that it was light years ahead of anyone
at the time. This car was completely rebuilt by Jason Adamski of MSN taking
almost three years to restore and update.

Chassis: Completely stripped bare chassis, that was seam welded, fully welded
multipoint roll cage structure with multiple gussets and chassis
reinforcements and front windshield pillar gussets. Car weighs 1980lb with
factory front & rear glass.

Interior: Custom fuel cell & bulkhead with dry break system, Sparco seat with
head restarint system,Sparco belts, steering wheel with quick release, fire
system, custom dash with Autometer & Stack instruments.

Exterior: Painted red inside/out/underside with custom air dam

Suspension: FOX inverted remote resevior shocks built by Joe Stimola, Comptech
engineered spherical bearing suspension, with mulitple offset adjustments and
bump steer adjustment options. Blade style custom rear sway bar with cockpit
operation. All hubs , bearings and rose joints in new condition.

Brakes: Tilton pedal assembly including hydraulic clutch, cockpit bias
adjuster, brakes in legal EP trim but there is an option of a brembo 4 pot
system if car would be used in Honda Challenge.

Engine: Car could come with a fresh legal EP MSN prepped engine or 2nd option
would be a modified TYPE R engine for H1 Honda Challenge. Accsump with remote
filter & Setrab cooler, Aeroquip Lines.
ECU options would be determined with package.

Cooling: NSX radiator with custom built sealed shroud system.

Driveline: Type R gearbox with 4.9 final drive & ATS lsd, new Honda axles.

Exhaust: Custom Comptech W/C long tube header with complete stainless exhaust
fabricated by MSN

Final comments: This car would be ultimate for Honda Challenge or E
Production. This car has been race car all its life. It has always been
maintained to the highest standard. It has the best components available at
build time. Why waste time converting a street car. For the price you- will
have the lightest competitive package to compete in many classes and there are
multiple driveline choices that could be used.

Price:$25,000 usd with H1/SPU Type R drivetrain or $30,000 in 2006 EP trim
with o time engine

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