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new project - scraper

Subject: new project - scraper
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 08:48:38 -0600
I've just finished development of a "crank scraper" for the TR4 with 
Moldex crank and Carillo rods. Two prototypes are finished, one for 
my car for the coming season and one for cost estimating. For those 
not familiar with crank scrapers, this is a steel plate that is held 
in the sump by the main cap bolts. It is shaped to fit very close to 
the rotating rods and crank, stripping away the huge cloud of oil 
through which the rotating parts must be pushed.

Management of the oil in the sump can yield significant horsepower 
gains. Scrapers, windage trays, and dry sumps are known technologies 
being used on racing engines of all kinds. A friend who runs a 
Mustang drag racer with about 550 hp can gain 40 hp on the dyno by 
lowering his oil level -- but that's a daunting task to accomplish in 
real life in a drag car.  Literature says that horsepower gain for 
our size engines is anywhere between two and seven, depending on rpm 
and whose tests you read.

I may offer these for sale if there is enough interest. I may also 
develop one for the stock crank / Carillo rod setup and maybe the 
stock crank - stock rod setup if there is enough interest.

The part is now out for quote, but I need to estimate a run quantity.

Anybody interested besides me? If so, what configuration bottom end 
(what kind of crank and rods?) Please reply off list. Thanks.

uncle jack 

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