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Questions on Resurecting an early 70's Spitfire Racecar.

To: Friends of Triumph <>
Subject: Questions on Resurecting an early 70's Spitfire Racecar.
From: Glenn Franco <>
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 21:59:12 -0500
I about at the halfway point of bringing an early 70's Spitfire Racer 
back to life but I have a few questions to all that have built and raced 

Any suggestions on fuel cell capacity for vintage type events in the 
midwest? Will an 8 gallon be enough or should I spring for the 12 gallon 
capacity? What dimension are the cells you are using? This car used a 
standard fuel tank back in 72/73.

I'm in the middle of building up a large crank journal 1296 engine and 
need to source a cam. Any recommendations? I have a couple of small 
bearing 1296's that I will build next, but I want to get this thing to 
driver school this spring if at all possible.

The cylinder head needs be milled to raise compression after I port and 
polish it. How much have you all shaved off and what compression ratio's 
have you ended up with. I have another head that was prepared for the 
original owner and it looks like they took off 3/16".  Suggestions?

I currently have a single 1 1/2" SU mounted on a ported intake, but also 
have a twin 1 1/2" SU , twin 1 1/4" SU and twin side draft weber 
manifold and 40 mm carbs. Suggestions on the best setup?

I do have both of Kas Kastner's prep books but any suggestions would be 
Glenn Franco
72-3 Spitfire racer
3 TR6's
1 TR250
1 77 Spit

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