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Oil choice

Subject: Oil choice
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2006 11:53:59 -0600
I've always avoided starting or getting into the discussions of oil, 
what's best, etc. Last season I used Kendall, solely because all the 
circle track guys in my area use it, and it is also highly 
recommended by a leading Triumph engine builder. For the circle track 
guys, at least, I think the reason for their choice was word of mouth 
stories of success. I doubt that they based their decision on 
engineering data.

I don't know what is best since I too am a layman in that area, and 
wouldn't know how to analyze data on this subject even if I had it in 
front of me, so I rely on old wives' tales too.

I had a conversation yesterday with a friend who is an executive in 
the lubricating oil industry, and at the risk of adding to gossip, 
I'm going to pass it along for what it's worth. The main reason I'm 
doing this is that so many of us use Mobil 1. However recently when I 
queried the list about rod failures, one racer on the east coast 
replied that he had two engine failures that appeared to lubrication 
related, and he was using Mobil 1. When he talked with the company, 
they said he should be using Racing Mobil 1, which has a better 
additive package. Neither he nor I had heard of this oil, but it is 
apparently available through major distributors.

I mentioned this incident to my friend and he was not at all 
surprised. He said that there have recently been lots of problems 
with Mobil 1 in performance engines. It is specified as the factory 
fill for Corvette, Porsche and Audi, and others, so one would think 
that would be a great recommendation.

My friend is with a major distributor that sells Conoco, Castrol, BP, 
etc to a large part of the Midwest. He gave a presentation last week 
to a major Porsche-Audi dealership and they changed over from Mobil 1 
to Castrol Syntec, which is Castrol's synthetic oil. He is doing a 
brisk business selling dealers on this change, because there have 
been no known failures with Castrol Syntec in these cars. Of course 
we all have every right to attribute his opinion to the fact that he 
sells the stuff, but he has been a very reliable source of info for 
me, and has no particular axe to grind with us Triumph racers.

He also was amused about my story about using Kendall. Due to the 
recent major mergers in the oil business, Conoco, Kendall, and 
several other oils are exactly the same, out of the same pipe, with 
same additive packages, all made by Conoco and packaged with various 
labels to satisfy customers with brand loyalties. So.....if you can 
buy Conoco for less than Kendall..............

uncle jack 

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