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Roller Rockers & cam failure

To: "Friends of Triumph" <>
Subject: Roller Rockers & cam failure
From: "Greg Solow" <>
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 08:25:09 -0800
Does anyone on the list have any experience with using 1.6:1 ratioi roller
rockers on a TR-4 engine? Were they used on the track or on the street, or
both. How many miles were they used? Was the valve spring pressure changed
from the standard rocker configuration in order to compensate for the added
weight of the roller rocker? Was the cam used a standard grind cam or a
llonger duration or higher lift cam? Were there any problems with cam or
lifter life while using the roller rocker assemblies?
    Any comments or information would be helpful and welcome. Thanks,
                                                            Greg Solow

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