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[FOT] NOS Sheet metal offered & parts

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Subject: [FOT] NOS Sheet metal offered & parts
From: "Russ Moore" <>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 10:20:26 -0500
After being relegated to mid pack for the past few years and finally getting
the chaos level in my life reduced (no longer working 70 hours @ week!) the
need to build a new race engine for the arriving season forces me to sell
off some off the treasures I have horded for a few decades. I offer them
first to FOT before listing them on Ebay or the VTR site. Sorry for the self
promotion; it will result in a faster Triumph!

NOS Spitfire Mk 3 Complete Bonnet in factory primer

NOS Spitfire 1500 center section for bonnet assembly in factory primer

NOS GT-6 Mk-3 center section for bonnet assembly in factory primer

        The above are dusty from storage but rust and dent free-these are new
original factory pieces/not repro

Complete transmission with Type A overdrive for TR-2/3 (this is used-stored
for 20 years)
        This came from a street car that "retired" after a bout with a Chevy
Impala; it worked well at that time.

New Mallory dual-point distributor for 4 cylinder Triumph (new in box)

New Alloy valve cover for Spitfire 1147/1296/1500 engine (black powder
coated with polished aluminum fins)

I have a couple of 1147 and 1296 small journal cranks available(used).
Machining services available.

One(new in box)full set of AE-Hepolite .030 pistons(4) for an 1147
Spitfire/Herald/etc. engine (with pins/clips/rings)

One fully balanced stk driveshaft prepared for a racing Spitfire with new
U-joints (proper length for car w/o OD)

New complete wiring harness for Triumph TR-6 in bag(street car)will confirm
year range

2 (used) front wide mouth TR-3 nose assemblies; some fenders in various

Please contact me off-line if interested. I can send jpeg images and can
call with more information.

Russ Moore
Spitfire #49 or

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