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[FOT] 125cc Shifters @ RoadAmerica

Subject: [FOT] 125cc Shifters @ RoadAmerica
From: Dave Riddle <>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 01:55:59 -0700
I recently obtained a really cool "helmet-cam" video of a 125cc 
Shifter Kart race at RoadAmerica.  The file is BIG.  About 137MB for 
those that want to download it and check it out.  I put it up on one 
of my servers.

Unbelievably close racing, lots of drafting with cut-throat passes 
right at the apex.  The video is just over 5 laps long.

Go to and download the 
video.  Probably will want to "right-click" on the file and do a 
"Save as" rather then trying to play the file directly across the web.

Really gives you a feeling for what "modern" kart racing is like.

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