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Subject: [FOT] oil info
From: "barry rosenberg" <>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 07:35:28 -0500
     If you go by a newsstand, pick up the May issue of Circle Track
magazine. There is an article in there about cam break-in procedure. It
spends a lot of words discussing oils and most are from Comp Cams. It seems
that the zinc that was removed from oil was used for "slide wear"
protection. Like our flat tappet cam setups. The lifter slides across the
lobes and produces a lot of wear. Zinc protected this interface. They
suggest several diesel oils to use as they still have the zinc. And it is
available at Wal-Mart and is recommended by Comp Cams. They also have a
special additive you can use. I will probably change from my normal Castrol
oil to the Castrol diesel oil they recommend for my old street cars. Great
magazine if you never read it.   Barry

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