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Subject: [FOT] Fwd: Re: FW: Y I K E S !
From: Dave Riddle <>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 20:39:06 -0700
A note from my Brother-in-law about his visit (earlier today) to the 
Enzo's point of demise over in Malibu.

>I went and looked at the place where the Enzo crashed.  HOLY CRAP HE 
>WAS HAULING!!!  Skid marks where he started spinning out, then up 
>the rounded curb sideways leaving a nice gash in the curb, then 
>allong the hillside levling the grass for quite a while before 
>hitting and removing the telephone pole (where the car split in 
>two), then skidded for another football field or so leaving the 
>neatest snake path of skidmarks I have ever seen on the road.  I 
>dropped by the crash site today, someone else was there looking at 
>the site also.  I found a few bits of carbon fibre and that's 
>it.  The place had already been picked clean of bits...

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