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Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 23:16:50 -0700
At 10:00 PM 2/24/2006, Charly Mitchel wrote:
>If you want to see a bunch of them go to:
>Charly Mitchel TR6 #44

I am "immortalized" (kinda) on that website.  Follow the link on it 
for "Car Crash Videos" which takes you to and the first 
sample on that page is of a Viper hitting the Turn 1 drivers side 
wall at Phoenix International head-on at 90 mph. I was the Instructor 
in the passengers seat of that car.

They must have taken that video off my own website where I have a 
much higher resolution version of 
it. has the video, some 
still shots and my incident report as to what the driver did that 
caused the accident (downshift from 4th to 2nd at almost 100 mph!)

Another Instructor had a camera crew out at the track that day, on 
the roof of the suites at the end of the front straight, they were 
experimenting with a High-def camera - which is why the video is in 
"wide-screen" format.  They focused on the Viper from the moment we 
came out of NASCAR 4 all the way down the front straight and into the 
wall.  You can hear the cameraman say at the end of the clip on my 
site that he got the whole thing on tape.

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