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[FOT] Exact schedule for Hallett?

Subject: [FOT] Exact schedule for Hallett?
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 22:46:19 EST
As usual, I am trying to be in three places at once. I am trying to book a 
flight into Tulsa. Gary Hunter and JK Jackson are towing the car out from 
Tallahassee. 943 miles! 
I have been to the website and things are a bit nebulous. If I fly out at 5pm 
on Sunday will I miss much Sunday afternoon? Need to be at work the next day 
and that is the last flight out on Sunday. How about Friday. How many sessions 
do we get and when are they. If JK runs in the a.m., will I be able to test 
and practice in the afternoon if I come into Tulsa on the noon flight?
Sorry to be a pain, but I never thought every hour would count so much trying 
to juggle work, family and racing fun. Thanks for any and all help. 
Also looks like us lowly TR3s are seperated from you rack and pinnion types. 
Probably better that way, as us TR3 drivers with all our upper body strength 
would probably have to pummel you guys anyway.

Tim Suddard
Publisher; Classic Motorsports
and Grassroots Motorsports magazines
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