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Re: [FOT] broken head stud

Subject: Re: [FOT] broken head stud
From: Justin Wagner <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 19:50:06 -0800

#1   Whatever method you use to try to get to that stud, do it right the 
first time.  Whatever gizmo you use to overcome the broken stud,  don't 
"give it a try" until you've done everything you can do to maximize your 

#2  Don't underestimate the value of sprays like WD40... Before you try 
to crack this sucker free, give it a treatment of something like WD40... 
several times... over several days, if possible.

#3 (which supplements #1) If you're going to do any drilling... i.e. to 
insert a removal tool, etc....  use a drill press... and don't even 
think of starting to drill until the block is fully secured and you are 
absolutely sure you are centered, etc.

#4  The number one failure in removing a broken bolt or stud, is #1 
through #3, in part, in whole, being sidestepped.

All my humble opinion....

The question that remains about this broken stud... is it buried in one 
of those deep holes, well beneath the surface and out of sight... or is 
it visible, if not sticking up?


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