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Subject: Re: [FOT] Re: Front Spindles
From: "Jack W. Drews" <>
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 06:34:48 -0600
This is the experience I've had with the several kits I've installed. 
The sudden blow seems to do it better than constant pressure. The 
last two kits I installed I didn't remove the uprights from the car 
-- but they don't all act the same. I wish those Brits hadn't 
discovered tapered joints :)

At 02:12 PM 3/8/2006, Charly Mitchel wrote:
>I had very little problems getting the stock axel stubs out.  I didn't have
>a press though, I think I used what we call a single jack or it might have
>been a half jack.  I basically took the upright and supported it with a
>piece of pipe of the proper diameter and length and popped it loose with a 5
>lb maul.  I don't recall if I heated it slightly or not, but it came out
>I haven't heard anything about the uprights being inferior on the TR6 or
>Charly Mitchel
>TR6 #44

uncle jack 

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