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Subject: Re: [FOT] Best racing songs of all time...
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 09:50:24 EST
In a message dated 03/08/2006 7:43:23 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

> <<<Well the least you can do is buy a baritone uke, which has a larger 
> box, which would be more in proportion.........>>>

Jack:  Baritone Uke?  They are not tuned like a Uke.  Aren't they tuned the 
first four strings of the guitar?  Arthur Godfrey played one, and I think the 
Kingston Trio used one.  I fooled with the Uke as a kid.  I still have a 
Treholipee.  It is tuned and plays like a Uke, but very exotic looking (long 
curved, with huge tuning knobs).  I usually have it in the trailer at racing ev
ents, but haven't played it in years.  I'll bring it to HALLET.  If you're a 
player, you can give us a demonstration.

Kevin Potter, our mechanic, has a 'Dixie Uke.'  It is about the same size as 
a traditional Uke, but the body is like a banjo (round, skinned top like a 
drum).  It is really interesting.  Distinctive sound.

> <<<  Besides, it has a deeper tone and makes a guy sound more manly and 
> less like Tiny Tim (remember him?) >>>

Right.  Still gonna be a stretch, though...

Bill (Damdinger)

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