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Re: [FOT] Am I wrong? now Vendors and the BMTA

Subject: Re: [FOT] Am I wrong? now Vendors and the BMTA
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 08:15:25 EST

    Simply having a directory of suppliers is not going to solve this 
problem. Our firm has been in the environmental directory business 
for over two decades. There is a limited to what any directory supplier can do 
to "qualify" the firms in the directory. 

    Further, the issue here is really leverage. Steve has virtually no 
leverage on his supplier. He has three basic choices. First, he can make the 
decision to inventory the parts he needs. Secondly, he needs to adjust his 
to that of his suppliers. Thirdly, he work with other Amici to develop some 
purchasing power (assuming there is some purchasing power to be created). 


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