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[FOT] Hallet Update

Subject: [FOT] Hallet Update
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 08:23:45 EST
In an impromptu meeting and vote called by his excellency Joe Alexander, the 
FOT faithful gathered in Hallet agreed to a total blackout on events unfolding 
at the Hallet race track. FOT has in fact adopted the Las Vegas style motto 
of "what happens at Hallet, stays at Hallet." 

There are unconfirmed reports that owners of other marques at Hallet are 
presenting themselves as current and former Triumph owners simply to join FOT 
track lifestyle.  However, FOT membership committee has devised some simple 
initial questioning techniques to screen other racers making such claims. If 
pass the initial screening tests about what Triumph owner have as spare parts 
their car, they are brought before Mr. Kastner for a second round of 
questioning. Obviously, since we have had no nominations, none of would be 
FOTers have 
passed the testing.

Its not clear as to what we can expect in terms of factual reporting on this 
event from our embedded journalist Tim Studdard. Obviously, he will be under 
considerable pressure from FOT to put the best face on events unfolding there. 
An obvious key to whether we have a factual report from Studdard is whether he 
reports about copious amounts of Wisconsin "tea" known to have reached 


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