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Re: [FOT] Help on CR TR4 Tranny---popping out of 3rd gear.

Subject: Re: [FOT] Help on CR TR4 Tranny---popping out of 3rd gear.
Date: Wed, 24 May 2006 10:48:38 -0400
Joe, 2nd time going through the same thing. I was popping out of 4th & 3rd. A 
bit hairy @ turn #1 at LaJunta flat out with no anchor.  Look at your input 
shaft & compare it to a stock one.
If like mine, you may find just one (opposed to 3) EDM'd oil journal holes that 
isn't remotely close to lubricating the spigot bearing. Depth of bearing 
sholder cavity is .150 short which results in main shaft shoulder 
rubbing/galling against the bearing surface. My first fix was new oil journals 
since the sgigot bearing & main shaft burnt down, so we called it good. But 
after 1 day on the new fix ,it was popping out again & making disturbing 
noises. On the trailer she went Sat.nite. I pulled trans out again & we found 
the bearing surfaces survived thanks to the new journals but on closer exam, it 
became apparent the C/R input specs are lacking. I suppose a cam grinder will 
be needed to machine the hardened input bearing detail.  2 other Triumph pilots 
have had to do the same thing.I hope the above will save you several steps. Am 
sorry to hear of the resulting motor munch. There was a thread on supplier 
accountability earlier this year Joe, I'm hopeful this supplier will ste!
 p up for us. 

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Sent: Mon, 22 May 2006 18:19:25 EDT
Subject: [FOT] Help on CR TR4 Tranny---popping out of 3rd gear.

I shouldnt use this tranny until I can fix it.

The C/R set came from BFE and the tranny is a TR4A

Coming out of the throttle after high speed run in third.

What might have been a nuisance segued into a disasterous overrev.
Banana shaped rod................

What transmission pieces are needed to be replaced so that it does not do 
this? I'd like to get this back together before Blackhawk Farms for Father's 

Weekend.  I have most of the pieces for engine rebuild.

Thanks in Advance!!!

Joe Alexander

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