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Re: [FOT] FOT fortune cookie

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Subject: Re: [FOT] FOT fortune cookie
From: "Rocky Entriken" <>
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 16:51:46 -0500
As one who makes his daily bread through wordmongering (howzat for inventing 
a word? I'm a writer), I've always held the view that language is 
ever-evolving and pronouncements that "(pick any noun) is not a F*^%ing 
VERB" overlook that basic fact of linguistic evolution.

That said, "architect" seems to me a very clumsy verb when "design," 
"create" or even "draw" work so much more nicely. So Oxford Dictionary or 
no, it's not a word I'd choose in a verb form.

But then -- "Keep Triumphing" -- do we mean "keep winning" or do we mean 
"keep driving that TR"? Another noun gets verbized (as distinct from 
verbalized -- and another word invented).

(the last sentence primarily intended to keep the post within list 
parameters) :-D

--Rocket J. Squirrel

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Subject: RE: [FOT] FOT fortune cookie

>> I sent the perp a blistering
>> response that said (more or less) "Architect is not a F*^%ing VERB."
>> So here are two situations that got me sideways (well, one and a half) in 
>> a
>> SINGLE DAY!!! Couldn't possibly be a coincidence.
> Seems like you're still spinning :
> architect
>   noun 1 a person who designs buildings and supervises their 
> construction. 2 a
> person responsible for the invention or realization of something.
>   verb Computing design and make (a program or system).
> But as long you keep the oily side down, it's all good.
> Randall
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