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Re: [FOT] FOT fortune cookie

Subject: Re: [FOT] FOT fortune cookie
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 10:56:55 -0400
Sorry to spin you out Bill, (half-ways anyway) but @ 6:00 am  I tend to stray 
from the King's English and slither to the grammatic darkside of ... (dare I 
say it?)                    "Verb Misuse".      Mea copa...   And to all a 
safe/fun Memorial Day weekend!!  KL

ps: Nice layout on the Columbia suppliers site- 
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Not that you said this, but I go all sideways when people say "couldn't
possibly be a coincidence" when actually events like this literally define
the term coincidence. 

Today I got an email using the term "Architecting", which of course spun me
not just sideways but totally backwards. I sent the perp a blistering
response that said (more or less) "Architect is not a F*^%ing VERB."

So here are two situations that got me sideways (well, one and a half) in a
SINGLE DAY!!! Couldn't possibly be a coincidence. 

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> > Group:  This morning I was IM'd by a friend looking for a 
> GT6 for his 
> > daughter. Last weekend they went out to a Chinese eatery 
> here in the 
> > Denver area. At the end of the meal, the customary cookies appeared 
> > and her's read, " Work hard, a Triumph depends on it."
> > What were the odds?
> >
> > K.Lynch   GT#6
> When I drove from London, England to Belfast, Northern 
> Ireland in my Triumph Herald, for the second time, 1998, I think?
> I was on the boat going across the Irish Sea, from Scotland 
> and bought a newspaper to read.
> The Stars read : "You will have a Totally Triumphant 
> Weekend", and why, pray tell was I going to Belfast?
> I was Participating in TSSC Belfast Areas :  Totally 
> Triumphant Weekend?
> What are the chances of that?
> Regards
> Lion
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