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[FOT] VIR Gold Cup Race Report

Subject: [FOT] VIR Gold Cup Race Report
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 17:56:55 EDT
With Henry's absence, in favor of Mosport, I will take a stab at filling  his 
shoes for the race report.
A total of 160 cars came to the track to enjoy great weather and some  very 
close racing. In all 7 TR's were there - Dean Tetterton, TR3, Tim  Suddard/JK 
Jackson, TR3, George Wright, TR4, Gene Hammer, TR4, Allen Goode, TR4,  Don 
Marshall, TR4A and your's truly with the TR250.
Friday's practices went as usual with the exception of George Wrights  
massive collision with the tire wall after a misstep into a pothole at the  end 
the South Bend curbing. He and a dozen helpers - TR and MG drivers and  crew - 
worked through the night and the next morning to get him on the grid for  
Saturday's qualifying race. (does anyone have a NOS front valance?)
Saturday's qualifying races went well for all of the TR's except for  two. 
George suffered an unexpected result from Friday's collision, a broken  
shaft in one of the SU's, which forced him to retire before the  checkered 
flag fell. Don Marshall had an unfortunate mishap with a Spridget that  forced 
him to retire for the weekend. Don had been running strong and was  posting his 
best laps ever at VIR. At one time he was 3rd in group B.
Sunday morning was cloudy and cool after the previous evening's thunder  
storm. Those in the early warm-up sessions dried the track for the TR's. The  
warm-up revealed an undiagnosed vibration in Tim's TR3 so he would miss the  
feature. The remaining five TR's prepared for the feature sessions. George and 
in group A, Dean, Allen and I in group B. 
In the A race George was forced to start at the back due to the DNF in  the 
qualifying race. He motored from 42nd position to an amazing 12th place  
overall. Nice job George! It was really something to see. Gene Hammer dropped  
after two laps for an unknown reason.
In the B feature a collision would claim a third TR as  Dean Tetterton was 
punted off the course by an Aston Martin DB4 on lap 2. The  Aston just couldn't 
handle the pressure from the ably piloted TR, went off track  and attempted to 
quickly come back on. The result was frame and body damage for  the "Dean of 
Triumph". Allen and I both finished the event with good runs. My  shot at 6th 
place was dashed when I spun exiting turn two late in the race so I  settled 
for 9th overall. Allen made it through his first vintage weekend without  a DNF.
What was a great weekend of racing and comradery was certainly tempered  but 
the high rate of incidents (3 of 7) for the TR's. Everyone is healthy and  the 
cars will be repaired to fight another day!
Leo Oddi

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