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Re: A great Sprite day!!!!

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Subject: Re: A great Sprite day!!!!
From: "Andrew Gibson" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 22:17:55 +1100
Dear Fellow Fotters

Has any one had any experience with Hoosier Speedsters, 185x65x15?

I recall some chat some time ago about a problem with Speedsters to do with
cracking where the tread met the sidewall, but cannot recall any feedback
about how the tyres performed and how they compared with Yokohamas that I
gather most people race on in USA.

Our problem is that the only tyres that we are currently able to use are 185
70x15 Avons or Dunlop, or Hoosier 550x 15 Vintage TD.-all very average
performers and expensive.

We are restricted to 15x5" wheels, and our problems began when the Yokohama
195x60x15 finished

Andrew Gibson

TR3A racer, TR4 road car

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