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[FOT] New Frame

To: <>
Subject: [FOT] New Frame
From: "Gary" <>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 10:29:49 -0800

I am considering replacing my forty-four year old, 1962 TR4 frame with a new
one from RATCO.  Since I race the car exclusively, I posed a question to Tony
at RATCO regarding the possibility of using a TR4A or TR250/TR6 frame instead
of the standard TR4.  The reason would be to utilize the later model front
suspension components which offer the ability to make camber/caster
adjustments.  Tony's response was he could make the frame of my choice and
there were advantages to the later model frames

Has anyone had success making this sort of an exchange either with an original
TR4A or TR250/TR6 frame or a new RATCO unit?  Any comments?


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