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[FOT] Roebling in December

To: <>
Subject: [FOT] Roebling in December
From: "marshall" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 12:17:29 -0500
So far we have 5 big TRs scheduled for the December VDCA event at
Roebling Rd (Don, Leo, Dean, George and Alan).  I don't know how many
Spits but at least a few.


Anyone else coming down?  BTW, there is also going to be a test day on
the Thursday before the event (12/7). Last year that was only about
$100, which makes for a FOUR day event, including tons of track time and
the enduro for around $400.  Did I mention that the weather is always
perfect in Savannah during early December (at least compared to almost
everyplace else)?  Don

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