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RE: [FOT] Roebling in December

To: "'Hugh Barber'" <>,
Subject: RE: [FOT] Roebling in December
From: "Richard Taylor" <>
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 16:32:22 -0500
Alright already. I just sent in my entry for Roebling Road just to come down
there and keep you guys honest. It sounds as if you'll are going to have way
too much fun. 

Mike Jackson runs a great race event! 

Save me a spot in the Triumph pits. 

Richard Taylor

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marshall wrote:
> So far we have 5 big TRs scheduled for the December VDCA event at 
> Roebling Rd (Don, Leo, Dean, George and Alan).  I don't know how many 
> Spits but at least a few.
> Anyone else coming down?  

I'll be coming down (car-less) to wrench for my Dad (sorry, he has a Jag).
My TR is not ready yet.  Hell, with the move east this year, the entire
garage isn't ready yet!

Hugh Barber
Stafford, VA
'73 TR6

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