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Re: [FOT] MOTRAH - 007 SVRA's Road America Spring Vintage

Subject: Re: [FOT] MOTRAH - 007 SVRA's Road America Spring Vintage
From: Ted Schumacher <>
Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 17:37:32 -0500
Joe and all getting itno PRI Trade Show.  .Please remember the 
manufacturer's are there to sell products to dealers and shops.  This is 
their big event. I was speaking with a friend of mine a couple weeks ago 
about PRI.  He reminded me of the time he received a major, read this 
really big $$$ contract, from a car maker to run a race program.  He 
spent $1 million dollars in 3 days at PRI.  On several occasions he had 
to wait to speak with a supplier because someone with passes was buying 
4 cams. 1 for himself and 3 for his buddies (or a similar situation). 
 .20 appointments over the three days with some starting on Wednesday 
before the show opens are on my schedule.  Granted, I won't spend $1M 
but will make a major dent in 10% of that.  Point is, please have 
courtesy and respect for those who are doing this for a living, both 
suppliers and buyers.  Ted.. wrote:

>In the near term:  Also check in at the GRM booth at PRI Trade Show...we will 
>be there Thusday & Friday, departing on Saturday morning.
>Joe (A)
>>Count me in.  The white TR3 will be ready to go racing by then!
>>Jeff Snook
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